The Jazz Breakfast - “This band is the most exciting summation of all the ingredients that go together to making Birmingham an increasingly crucial jazz city, not only in this country but in Europe”



Regarding our debut album Burns:

Herald Scotland - ”Burns is an undertaking of astonishing maturity” (full review here)

The Jazz Breakfast - “There are so many things to like here including that energy and good humour, that ebullience, that is the hallmark of the young Birmingham jazz scene; the way Sean has encouraged stretching performances not only from his fellow BC recent grads but also from more seasoned players like Lluis Mather; and the terrific music that Sean has written which changes within each piece to give bespoke settings for each solo and considerable satisfaction to all the section players.” (full review here)

All About Jazz - Burns is a worthy celebration of Burns’ work and a superb debut for Gibbs and the Birmingham Jazz Orchestra” (full review here)

London Jazz News - “All killer, no filler, packed with vibrancy and passion, and bursting with slick soloists and a superbly well-drilled team of players” (full review here)

Jazzwise - “A very welcome debut for both orchestra and their arranger of choice, the writing multi-layered and richly textured” (full review not available online, can be found in October 2015 edition of Jazzwise)




Regarding our second album Rough Boundaries:

Jazzwise - Rough Boundaries confirms what Burns first suggested: vibrant and hugely talented young musicians who can read sophisticated charts and swing like the blazes being given the chance to do both in equal measure by writers of remarkable maturity.” (full review not available online, can be found in August 2016 edition of Jazzwise)

The Jazz Breakfast – “The whole production is a testament not only to the immense amount of talent of this exciting young jazz melting pot, but to the cohesion they have as a community. Other cities may be the subject of Jacky Naylor’s marvellous music, but it was created right here in Birmingham.” (full review here)

All About Jazz – “Rough Boundaries is another impressive album from this exciting new ensemble.” (full review here)




Regarding our live album with Tom Haines:

London Jazz News – “It’s the overall mix of great ensemble playing and strong soloing that make this such a satisfying listen” (full review here)

The Jazz Mann – “This performance impresses not only through Haines’ rich, colourful, cogent writing but also through the quality of the individual solos and the controlled power of the whole ensemble” (full review here)

Jazz In Europe – “This album is not your average Big Band album, the compositions are intriguing and superbly crafted, in fact one could say there’s never a dull moment. Performances are strong throughout and the recording quality is top notch.” (full review here)

















rough boundaries








tom haines